Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Pick the Best Swimsuit for your Belly + Giveaway

After two pregnancies, my six pack is a little more cuddly than cut.  Luckily choosing a flattering swimsuit for the midsection follows some of the same techniques as parenting a toddler: boundaries and distraction.

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The draped panels on this Bleu Rod Beattie Chain Reaction Halter offer confident concealment from both sides.  The drapes cut towards a V, narrowing the torso, while providing core coverage right where you need it. While the unexpected chain detail strategically draws attention to your lovely legs.

The Kamalikulture Shirred Mio Suit is a middle figure classic. Rouching or shirring over an area you’re less than confident about immediately minimizes and disguises superfluous bulges.  The seamed panels on the side offer an optical illusion of a narrower waist.

Small appropriately placed prints like those offered on the Jessica Simpson Women's Safari Chic One-Piece act like optical illusions. A tiny print helps blur and camouflage everything underneath it.  Unlike the deservedly dreaded wide horizontal lines, small series of horizontal lines like these accentuate the smallest part of your body, creating instant hourglass perfection.

This Jersey Lomellina Colorblock Tank from J.Crew was so cute on my linear figured, athletic bestie that I had to try it on.  Unfortunately what it flaunted on her, it failed on me.  The silky, thin fabric offered no structure while the large blocks of solid color left me unmasked with an arrow pointing to the softest area of my squishy, delicious center. High cut leg lines can elongate legs, but they can also overexpose thighs, which was a cost not worth the benefit in my case.  And the unsupported bandeau led to a frowning, droopy bust. 

For better alternatives for your bust and bottom, be sure to subscribe, these episodes are coming next.

I wouldn't have trusted just anyone to capture my swimsuit clad figure on film. I thank the trustworthy Breanne of Red Poppy Photo for posing me, photographing me, and giving me the courage to put my real body into a swimsuit for educational purposes.   Her camera is just as kind as the operator behind it. Check her out.

And thanks to Albion Fit for allowing me to feature their Wait Until Dark Swimsuit

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Altitude Summit Fashion Recap - Signature Style Analysis

Earlier this month, I spoke on an Altitude Summit panel proffering a 90 minute Blogger's MBA with two of the keenest, kindest girls ever to add a three letter acronym to their names: Camille Whiting of Friday We're in Love and Emily Crider of Hudson & Emily

Upon recovering from my public speaking induced nausea, I fisted a stack of business cards and prepared to gawk at pretty shoes.  

If I didn't know better, I would have suspected a flash mob fashion show. Each outfit was visual poetry, distinctly unique, potent with signature style, calling card and personal brand strategy of the wearer.  

And as aforementioned, I am an MBA, so I made a signature style flow chart, because that's what nerds do when they are inspired. 

In case you're wondering what this nerdiness is conveying, I've charted the signature style of representative Alt attendees, from delicate yin romanticism to bold yang dramatics, complete with single combination, style category hybrids.

ps -if you'd like tips on discovering your own signature style

Now, close up's of the outfits:
traditional: Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom

bohemian-modern: Erica Patten, Patten Family

modern-bohemian (example on the right): Cat Pagoaga, Thrifty Littles
(left and center Kate Dowden, Resilient Body Nutrition, Jessica Gleim, Petite Lemon)

If you want the full Alt Summit Fashion Recap, click your mouse of Breanne Johnson of Red Poppy Photo Not only did she capture every single one of the beauties displayed here in their native habitat, but she has a comprehensive catalog of some of the prettiest fashion you're computer will have the honor to display.

Now pray tell me, what's your signature style?
Breanne Johnson of Red Poppy Photo, Angie Milne of Yellow Bungalow Shop, Alex Evjen of AVE Styles, Me, Beth Allen of Beth Allen Art, Kayla Moncur of Freckles in April, Camille Whiting of Friday We're In Love, and Emily Blais of The Banner Shoppe

Monday, June 30, 2014

How to Pick the Best Swimsuit for Your Bust

Last swim season nursing caused my cups to runneth over. This swim season the tides have ebbed significantly. Such fluctuations allow me to speak experientially of both the high and low tides of busts, and today I will give you strategies for both.

If you too lack gusto in the busto, ornament it. Flirt about those northern curves with ruffles, fringe, or other drapes of fabric. The volume of the fabric will give the illusion of greater volume beneath the surface. The subtle dip of a sweetheart necklines also offers bonus curve factor. While add-ins like soft cups, boning, and gripper tape ensure support for moderately full cups as well.

Trina Turk Seychelles Halter One Piece Swimsuit

Banded halters are friendly to busts of all sizes because they are fully adjustable. The tie behind the neck allows you customize the nest to your lady eggs, while offering structural lift at no extra charge. The banding underneath the bust is also adjustable to multiple size sand provides a crucial foundation. Molded cups provide shape and protection from show through.

What a high neckline offers is an uninterrupted line of your curves. Breaking a broad expanse into smaller pieces immediately makes it look smaller, which is great when you’re trying to minimize an area, but can lead to gaping overexposure when the area is dainty to begin with. Straighter busts can successfully opt for more coverage. Ample busts on the other hand should swim away from this aquatic turtleneck.

Maaji Women's Parrot Paradise One-Piece Swimsuit

I picked this unique Maaji Parrot Paradise suit out because I loved the mismatched patterns, and I know that structured demi cups can provide great shape and show. However the placement of the strap to cup attachment was tragic. Securing the straps towards the center rather than the outer edges of the cup creates unsightly flesh collections under the arms. Thicker wider strap attached to the outside of the cup will avoid this fashion malfunction while creating superior lift and shape. The cut outs might have narrowed my waist but they showcase my ribcage instead due to my long torso. And the widening triangle at the hip created the illusion of even fuller hips, which might be desirable for a linear or upper figure, but was completely unnecessary for my bountiful lower figure.

For better alternatives for your belly and bottom, be sure to subscribe, these episodes are coming next.

Thanks to Breanne of Red Poppy Photo for posing me, photographing me, and giving me the courage to put my real body into a swimsuit for educational purposes.   Her camera is just as kind as the operator behind it. Check her out.

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