Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to Dress a Baby: Baby Muffin Top

Baby Flaw #2: Muffin Top

My Cookie's contours mirror those of a baby penguin. Her waistline is 106% of her bust and 113% of her hips. Her dairy cache curves lusciously over the edge of her diaper in every direction. And when she stands in her bouncy chair and flaps her arms, there is no mistaking the resemblance to a certain aquatic, flightless fowl.

Her mini middle figure is delectable, but newborn mainstays do not flatter it. A onesie and baby sweatpants, secured by an elastic waistband around her butter bulge, make her look like she's ready to check into a wee rest-home.

Her figure looks far sweeter in waist skimming, rather than belly clinging, silhouettes: empire waistlines, untucked tunic tops, a-line dresses...

If she is going to wear a snapper and lounge pants, you can bet it will be chaperoned by a jacket or sweater to clean up the spill over.

Ensembles which bring attention to her rolly, polly limbs are also a plus.

And the same rules apply in adult sizes, my middle figured mamas.

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Cajsa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stylewannabee said...

That baby is just too cute. I don't need the headband unless it will somehow work on my 4-legged daughter.

Grandma Sue said...

That's my Coco! I love every inch of the muffin-top middle figure.

Kirsty said...

Could that child be any more exquisite? LOL at the rest home ensemble. Come to think of it, my boys really did look like little old men in that get up. Really really yummy little old men.

Jill Elizabeth said...

Coco is so darling :o)

Beth said...

coco is my favorite little middle figured girl. she told me she's got to even out those cheeks somehow. :)

Aynna banahna said...

I hope this is a joke, because to even say that you need to style around your baby'e "flaws", because that's not a real thing. Please tell me it's a joke!

Reachel Bagley, Stylist said...

Aynna banahna,
It's definitely a joke. My baby could wear a dirty diaper and look adorable, but its fun to have an excuse to post pictures and talk about her.


Leslie said...

I'm so enjoying seeing some sweet photos of baby Coco. We need a mommy/baby date soon, please and thank you :)


RMAinMD said...

,,,coco is yummy,,,she's perfectly meaty with her rolls and tucks and smooth as silk skin,,,

H HoopThiel said...

I love the comedic absurdity of dressing around my baby's 'flaws'! Such a clever idea ... and I appreciate the tie back to adult clothing. Focusing on empire waists and on avoiding extra focus on my post-baby middle ... Thanks!

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