Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Signature Style Makeover Week: Smile

A toddling run-in with the vacuum cleaner left my right canine cuspid a darker shade than the rest of my smile.  Too-young-for-tact children have occasionally asked why my tooth is very old or if I just neglected to brush it.  I affectionately call it hobo tooth. But following a two hours with my dentist's hands wedged in my mouth, my dental discoloration is no more.

Knowing that the new little toothlet's shade would be permanent, I made sure to brighten it's surrounding mouth members to their optimum sheen in advance.  With Crest Professional White Strips I was able to sparkle my smile in just one use. If you're looking to buy Crest Professional White Strips, find them cheaper with this promotional code

Now I am ready to wear Wen Shi's dazzle dyed new capsule collection.  I want her to make me a slightly more demure version of this white wonder:

You can watch the rest of Wen Shi's Little White Wardrobe Runway plus highlights from the award winning night hosted by Crest 3D White & Gen Art below.

Don't die for more, answer your curiosity here

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Enact your smile transformation with Crest 3D White Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips ($59.99).  Turnaround visible results in just one use, as stains are removed from below the enamel surface.   Wear strips for two hours, daily, for one week to enjoy the full transformation that would cost $500 in professional office treatments.

And I plan to keep my smile tidy with 
Crest 3D White Glamorous White Toothpaste.  It's going to strengthen my weakened enamel and remove stains from my smile's nooks and crannies by foaming its proprietary micro-cleansing whiteners into spots I wished I flossed more conscientiously.


Beth Allen said...

I kind of miss hobo tooth. Is that weird??

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