Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Casual Fall Wardrobe in 15 Items

Miles of merino, twill, and houndstooth does not a well dressed Autumn make.  What you need are industrious items, with ridiculously low costs per wear.  Clothes that are just as effortless to wear as t-shirts and jeans but respect you and the company you keep.  What you need is a cluster.  

Below a suggested list + autumnal sample:

A - Merino Turtleneck Sweater (J.Crew $85), B - Honeydew it Right Top (ModCloth $40), C - Casual Stripe Jumper (Boden $35), D - Women's Plaid Flannel Shirt (Old Navy $14),  E - QSW bay Stripe Long Sleeve Tee (Quicksilver $21), F - Pebble Cardigan (Madewell $118),  G - Matchstick Cord (J.Crew $80), H - Long & Lean Jeans (Gap $70), I - Merona Pleated Cowlneck Tank Dress (Target $28), J - Just Dandy Skirt in Goldenrod (ModCloth $40), K - Corso Como Rhia Tall Leather Riding Boot (Lord & Taylor $200), L - Star Spangled Scarf (Anthropologie $30), M - Lug Sole Wedge Oxfords (J.Jill $70), O - Fox Buckle Skinny Waist Belt (Asos $18)

> Greater than two weeks of outfits, with options for restaurants, pews, and parks.  

To enjoy your own clothing cluster, book a virtual shopping session and enjoy a fresh fall wardrobe in just fifteen easy pieces.
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jkimball said...

Lovely!! There are several of these pieces that just might be coming home with me. Thank you again for your help the other night. It was so fun working with you.

Emily said...

Love the combos! :)

Kelli said...

Could you do a similar post using pieces in colors for cool and delicate? it would be really helpful since the colors in that catagory don't seem to be typical fall/winter wardrobe colors. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


How do you go about planning your outfits to make the mornings go smoother? Do you choose and lay everything out for the week on Sunday? Or do you have another method?


Shannon said...

I love when stylists do combos like this. You did a similar one a while ago when traveling. Please do these types of posts more often - you know, in your spare time! But really, I've pinned it, have several similar items, and am purchasing the rest. I love this and thank you!

Rachel said...

GREAT post. Thanks for putting this together!

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