Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Dress a Middle Figure Body Type (Apple)

Introducing Cardigan Empire the Movie.  
First Starring Role: The Middle Figure

Thanks to Float Away Films for filming, editing, and making these beautiful films

How to measure: waist/hip and waist/bust ratio is greater than .75

Grab your spectacles and click your mouse to read more here.

click to supersize the image

ashleymischief my dear
kelly clarkson
nina, momma go round (read her story here)
melissa mccarthy

Nominate your favorite middle figured beauties in the comments.

Now, go declare your figure with pride with a button:


Middle Figure (Soft Tummy)

Hourglass (Curvy)
Lower Figure (Full Hip, Bottom)
Upper Figure (Ample Bust)
Linear (Straight, Athletic)
Measure (Get Started)

1 hundred 98 cents = your own middle figured fashion look book cheat sheet.
Procure your own empire constitution. Your personalized fashion look book includes your own middle figure rules of conduct and much more.

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Annie Atkin Rasmussen said...

So glad you asked! I read an article about how women feel about their bodies after viewing fashion blogs, and when I learned that women feel more positive about their bodies when viewing pictures of normal women, I knew that I needed to re-calibrate my expectations. I have made a point since then of collecting RSS feeds of bloggers who have noteworthy style and curvaceous figures. My favorite apple-figured bloggers include the lesser-known but lovely Katha,; Stephanie Zwicky,; queen of artful color, Nita, of, the ever-classy Rebecca at; Meg at has adorable fashion sense (but a language warning for sensitive folks). Enjoy!

housewife said...

Where did you find the clothes featured in the video?

Reachel Bagley, Fashion Consultant said...

thanks annie, I look forward to virtually visiting all these ladies!

Reachel Bagley, Fashion Consultant said...

housewife, all the clothes featured were found at anthropologie (

Kell's Belles said...

I LOVED this video. I can't wait to watch them all :) Thank you for this awesomeness!

Carly Pasenow said...

Catherine Zeta Jones. Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Hudson. Examples of Apple body shape.

Reachel Bagley, Fashion Consultant said...

Thanks for your kind words Kell and for the additional examples Carly :)

Alina John said...

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