Thursday, January 31, 2013

Best Diaper Bags, Reviewed and Rated

anxious waiting in the emergency room between contractions

Baby O has arrived.  And I promise to share him, after I selflessly hoard him a few more days.  For now, all six pounds, twelve ounces of him are mine alone.  (I may allow his father a few minutes with him).

While you are anxiously wait on an introduction, I've assembled a supremely selective Diaper Bag review.  And yes I have actually handled, if not owned, each and every one of these pre-toilet totes.  

Best Clean Up
Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag in Cream Links, $70 
Storage Capacity:  10, Organization: 9, Durability: 9, Prettiness: 8, Price: 6
Eleven well placed interior and exterior pockets keep beverages, wipes, and pacifiers safely segregated yet easily accessible.  The center can be zipped or unzipped to expand it's carriage capacity.  It's top strap can go over the shoulder or one may switch to additional side straps that shoulder the stroller.  And my favorite feature, not only can the lightweight vinyl be wiped down, but you can safely toss the entire bag into the washer to remove any spills or accidental encounters with public restroom floors.  

Most Durable
JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag, $70
Storage Capacity: 10, Organization: 10, Durability:10, Prettiness: 9, Price: 6
Seven small, medium, and largish pockets line the interior and perimeter, providing solace for the most OCD caretaker.   Additional functional indulgences include: deluxe changing pad and stroller clips.  But besides being easy to wipe clean it's best feature is the sturdy canvas construction.  It holds up to heavy wear and toddler tugs without a complaint

Chief Man Bag
Fisher Price Fastfinder Messenger Diaper Bag, $45 (on sale for $32) 
Storage Capacity: 9, Organization: 10, Durability: 5, Handsomeness: 6, Price: 9
Desperately seeking affordable and gender neutral? Ready your virtual red pen. The messenger styling and discreet color palette invite fraternity within the brotherhood of XY chromosomes.  Be aware that durability is questionable.  If your Mister is going to be using this on a daily basis, you may want to look elsewhere.  The outer wipes container, while handy, can pop open leaving wipes vulnerable.  (Swap it out for a travel refill pack by Pampers instead).  And it doesn't have straps to secure it to the stroller.  But for the price it offers a beefy orderly option.

Least Likely to be Assumed a Diaper Bag
Cocalo Mila Carry All Diaper Bag, $72 
Storage Capacity: 10, Organization: 10, Durability: 10, Prettiness: 10, Price: 6
Prolific pockets and generous extras, including a reusable shopping bag, deluxe changing pad and pacifier holder, make this a functional contender.  Yet it could also easily be mistaken for a traditional lady's satchel.  Unlike your wee one, nothing on this bag is going to scream it's clandestine cause.
Most Economical
Ecosusi Diaper Tote Bag, $24 
Storage Capacity:  7, Organization: 5, Durability: 5, Prettiness: 7, Price: 10

A void of exterior pockets and modestly capacity are overshadowed by the price of this thrifty option. It does include interior organization, straps for stroller use, and can easily accomodate your soon to be bulging pocketbook in addition to your infantile essentials.
And what do you use as a mobile changing table?

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Blue Dog Belle said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

You asked, "what do you use as a mobile changing table?" My second child is four months and one of my favorite tips is to keep blue chux underpads in the diaper bag to put under baby for diaper changes on the go. They are large, so they cover the entire bathroom changing station and baby doesn't touch any part of it. Also, since they're disposable you just pitch it all in the trash. Public changing stations creep me out, but by using these I don't worry about either of us touching yucky stuff or shoving a dirty changing pad in the bag.

Emily said...


Amanda said...

I love the chux idea - or puppy pads. With 2 dogs, we definitely have those around, LOL!
Those bags are all beautiful, and I can definitely see the utility with multiple munchkins, but for us with our single little Bean? Unless we're road tripping or out for the day - in which case we use a unisex Skip-Hop Via Messenger bag since Daddy does duty, too - we just carry a Skip Hop Pronto Changer. I may toss a toy or two or a relevant bottle in my purse, but diaper bags drive me bonkers.
So excited for you all and sweet Baby O. Can't wait until you're willing to share his handsomeness with us!

Charlotte Parker said...

So glad that you now have THREE bundles of joy to cuddle! It is most definitely God's love on your family. Enjoy little O!

hillary said...

I have a canvas Timi & Leslie bag that I really like. It has a ton of pockets and organizational stuff, plus the BEST stroller clips of any bag I've owned and a nice size changing mat. The only down side is that in the color I got (Aiko), the lining is black so it can be hard to find things sometimes! But the price couldn't be beat: it was half-off on Zulily so it was only about $30.

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