Monday, January 7, 2013

How to Dress an Upper Figure (Buxom)

Cardigan Empire the Movie, concludes with  
The Upper Figure

Thanks to Float Away Films for filming, editing, and making these beautiful films

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jessica, what i wore
audrina partidge
stephanie, nienie dialogues
jessica simpson

Nominate your best-loved busty babes in the comments.

Respect your crop:


Upper Figure (Ample Bust)

Hourglass (Curvy)
Middle Figure (Soft Tummy)
Lower Figure (Full Hip, Bottom)
Linear (Straight, Athletic)
Measure (Get Started)

1 hundred 98 cents = your own upper figured fashion look book cheat sheet.
Procure your own empire constitution. Your personalized fashion look book includes your own upper figure rules of conduct and much more.


Anonymous said...

Nienie will always be my favorite busty babe!

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