Spending years in fitting rooms has taught me one very bitter fact: women are sick, sickly, suffering, ill. Their vision is distorted seeing not full humans in their reflections, but disembodied thighs, bottoms, underarms, and stomachs. 

But fret not my feminine friends, you can be healed. Partake of a simple cure for your body insecurities: a personalized fashion prescription. Dress education can quickly lead to body adoration. Before you know it, you'll be giving your saddlebags and love handles pet names.  I draw knowledge from serving fashion plates since 2005, and writing about my experiences here (as well as in a few magazines) since 2009.  I teach a Wardrobe Strategies class at the local college and have been featured as one of Arizona's most stylish women by YES magazine.  

My name is Reachel, and I want you to feel pretty.

Need further confirmation, lay your eyes on my credentials and testiomnials


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