virtual SERVICES
available anytime, anywhere via the miracle of the Internet.  Interview and delivery will all be conducted online.

Customized Fashion Look Book $48

Everyone deserves a friend to go shopping with. The Fashion Look Book is like a friend, that you keep in your purse, and has lots and lots of opinions, specifically customized to your figure, face, and fancies. Smart, tactfully phrased opinions. Opinions that will make you walk away from that clearance top that's shaped like a pillow case. Specifically the fashion look book tells you your body type, what colors you can wear, where to shop to express your true self, how to successfully clean your closet, how to buy a better wardrobe for less, and more. The fashion look book is kind of a know-it-all, but at least it's concise.

Virtual Shopping Session $128

Whatever crossroads drive your fashion agenda: a season refresh, wedding, reunion, black tie event, new career, or simply a fresh confidence in yourself, you can relax knowing you will have an expert to offer honest opinions, creative outfitting advice, and savvy shopping experience.  First time sessions begin with an online styling interview  to uncover body type prescription, and signature style discovery.  Results will include a 10 item cluster mixed and matched into at least nine different ensembles.

Virtual Fashion Package $148

Combine theory and execution in a dollar squirreling combo-pack. Includes both a customized fashion look book and a virtual shopping session.

Color Analysis $12


available in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.  But non-arizonians need not count themselves excluded.  I do like to pack a suitcase.  Residents of other states are welcome to contact me directly for the specifics of my travel schedule.

Closet Analysis $158

Includes a two hour session in your home during which time we will review your entire closet.  Items will be evaluated based on color compatibility, fit flattery, and condition.  By the end of the session you will have a wearable wardrobe plus a shopping list for key items to purchase.  During this session suggestions will also be made on how to mix and match existing pieces to break away from clothing “uniforms” and get more wear through creative ensemble pairings. 

Live Shopping Session $128 
(first 2 hours)
Whatever crossroads drives your fashion agenda: a season refresh, wedding, reunion, black tie event, new career, or simply a fresh confidence in yourself, you can relax knowing you will have an expert to offer honest opinions, creative outfitting advice, and savvy shopping experience.  Sessions will be scheduled at the shopping plaza of your choice.  First time sessions begin with a styling interview your unique fashion profile. (sessions extending past two hours will be charged $48/hr) 

Live Royal Fashion Package $298
Execute a start to finish fashion transformation.  Includes a closet analysis, two hour live shopping session, and a fashion look book.

Charm School
Invite up to a dozen of your girl friends, sisters, coworkers, or other favorite female companions.  You provide the space and I'll travel to you, provide the instruction, and supplies.

180 minute class (choose 3 topics) $298
includes a complimentary fashion look book for each attendee

60 minute class (choose 1 topic) $128

class topics-
Body Type Prescription
Cure your body insecurities with a personalized fashion prescription.  Learn to love and dress your beautiful body.  We’ll identify your unique body type and prescribe the pants, tops, and ensembles that highlight your best features and downplay any awkward proportions.  Walk away with a personalized fashion look book and a chic confidence. This is a perfect girls night out!

Signature Style
Is your wardrobe a unique expression of your personality?  If your closet feels boring to the point of invisible or contains so many different trends you're afraid it might be schizophrenic, it's time for intervention.  Learn how to brand your wardrobe and push your fashion quotient without being overwhelmed by what you're wearing.  We’ll be identifying your own unique formula for style, personal fashion goals and adding to our own fashion look book.

Color Theory
If you feel washed out or over stimulated by colors, if you're still matching your handbag to your shoes, you'll definitely want to try this class.  We'll review the best colors for your skin type and talk about how to get more mileage out of your wardrobe by mixing and matching creative combinations of pattern and color.

Shopping Strategies
Nothing should exist in your closet if it doesn’t deliver a 10 in the fashion formula.  Learn to calculate whether or not to buy an item.  Hint – the cheapest option, doesn’t always offer the best value.  Take the guesswork out of how to shop, what to shop for, where to shop (stores and online), and how much money to spend. The evening will also include advice on how to purge and simplify our closet.  Walk away with tactical strategies and notes for your fashion look book.

Dress Better than Your Boss
From the pen of Thomas Fuller, "Good clothes open all doors."  When you're looking to open the door of a new career, promotion, or any new opportunity, first impressions really do count.  Learn the art of professional primping and get noticed for the right reasons.  This class will review career outfitting from business casual to banker formal.

Dress your Age
Learn the guidelines of tasteful dress at any age.  Look chic and sophisticated rather than dowdy as you mature.  Find the mod side of modesty through creative layering.  A great option for Mothers & Daughters.

The Perfect Pair of Jeans
Take the intimidation out of denim.  We'll review different brands, cuts, and washes to guide you towards your best blue jeans ever. 

To the 9’s
If formal, festive events typically send you looking for a corner to hide in, fear not.  Get easy to apply advice on selecting the perfect ensemble.  From cocktails to black tie, you'll leave feeling prepared for your personal red carpet.


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