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What’s in Your Closet?

closet skeletons

On the whole, blogs are a runway for pretty days: thick, glossy hair days, rainbow colored pancake days, freshly pressed outfit days.  

Sucking in reality, ever so slightly, as we capture and record, showcasing our best sides and cleanest moments, is natural.

But there’s also a time and place to exhale.  A corner to embrace an extra curve under your blouse or an unshaved leg.  Public runway life may be strong and sparkling, but there’s something beautiful about the vulnerability of private “closet life” as well.  I propose a peek into a few closets.

Are you happy to keep an affinity for schlumpy shaped, threadbare cozies?  Are you ready to archive a desire to look like you did five years ago?  Do you need to repair a relationship injured by jealousy?  Do you need to throw out a nasty habit of self deprecation?  

This is my next guest blogger series, similar to last year’s Beauty-Full Tuesday.

I’m recruiting volunteers and nominations.  So tell me, what closets of cloth and cognition you would you like to peek into?

Step up yourself or email me the details of someone that you think needs to be featured.

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