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Look Fresh not Frumpy: Fall/Winter 2013 Wearable Fashion Trends

military dress over grunge plaid button-down + mixed media leather leggings + shades of grey booties
cobalt blue film noir, rounded shoulder statement coat + mixed media leather sheath + punk fishnets
military inspired camouflage skinnies + lace pullover blouse
monochromatic shades of green sweater & skirt suit + gentleman houndstooth blazer

video wardrobe:

In short and summary,

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Color Palettes – Shades of Green (Emerald, Olive, Forest), Shades of Blue (Cobalt, Sapphire, Ultramarine), Shades of Grey (Dove, Steel, Charcoal + Black & White)
Prints & Patterns – Menswear (Houndstooth, Tattersall, Glen Plaid, etc); Camouflage; Hypnotic repeating patterns
Textiles & Fabrics – Street Leather; Surreal Feathers & Fur; Lavish Sequins and other Embellishments
Eras & Inspirations – Punk/Grunge Rebellion (plenty of tartan plaid, studs, chains, spikes, and vinyl), American Pastoral (over the knee boots, shearling, rugged knits), Military* (tailored jackets, uniform details, felted wool), 40s Film Noir (deep v necklines, soft rounded/exaggerated shoulders, nipped waists, tailored skirt suits)

*not shown in above infographic, but featured in video

Trends are an opportunity to connect with the present, to experiment, and reinvent yourself.  But every trend does not flatter every person equally.  Below are my suggestions on what to wear by body typecomplexion, and signature style.  

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What trends do you intend to try this season?

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Maternity Fashion: 20 Weeks in Review

Dressing for maternity always gives me enlightened insights into alternative body types.  (Like the miracle of a clean, front pencil skirt on a bulbous belly.)  When dressing for one, I’m expert at fashion my natural Lower Figure, but for at least twenty more weeks I’m a fully Middle Figured novice, with some Upper Figured concerns.  So I’ll continue to share my findings, but for now I’ve been referencing back to past research on maternity fashion, you can too: 
Also, in case you were wondering…”other baby” is a boy!!
They tell me this picture is of a baby…we’ll have to wait till he emerges to be sure

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