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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vacation Special: How to Pack 8 Outfits in 1 Carryon

Mister Bagley and I are celebrating 10 years of incorporation in Costa Rica.  And I'm opening our carry-ons to share their clustered contents before we leave. Each of us has 8 items of clothing and 8 outfit possibilities. Stay tuned, and learn how to outfit for adventure without compromising your style on your upcoming spring getaway or summer holiday.

shop the video:
women's video

shop the video:
men's video

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Before I leave to take pictures I'll be admiring for the next 10 years, I'll be applying Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit to my smile, ensuring that every nook and cranny of my smile is its whitest.  Like a good jersey fabric, Supreme Flex Fit stretches and molds to fit your smile, providing superior coverage.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Casual Fall Wardrobe in 15 Items

Miles of merino, twill, and houndstooth does not a well dressed Autumn make.  What you need are industrious items, with ridiculously low costs per wear.  Clothes that are just as effortless to wear as t-shirts and jeans but respect you and the company you keep.  What you need is a cluster.  

Below a suggested list + autumnal sample:

A - Merino Turtleneck Sweater (J.Crew $85), B - Honeydew it Right Top (ModCloth $40), C - Casual Stripe Jumper (Boden $35), D - Women's Plaid Flannel Shirt (Old Navy $14),  E - QSW bay Stripe Long Sleeve Tee (Quicksilver $21), F - Pebble Cardigan (Madewell $118),  G - Matchstick Cord (J.Crew $80), H - Long & Lean Jeans (Gap $70), I - Merona Pleated Cowlneck Tank Dress (Target $28), J - Just Dandy Skirt in Goldenrod (ModCloth $40), K - Corso Como Rhia Tall Leather Riding Boot (Lord & Taylor $200), L - Star Spangled Scarf (Anthropologie $30), M - Lug Sole Wedge Oxfords (J.Jill $70), O - Fox Buckle Skinny Waist Belt (Asos $18)

> Greater than two weeks of outfits, with options for restaurants, pews, and parks.  

To enjoy your own clothing cluster, book a virtual shopping session and enjoy a fresh fall wardrobe in just fifteen easy pieces.
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Just as the right combination of clothes can be more effective in your closet, the right combination  can also be more effective on your smile.  Now from the award winning brand, you can get your smile fall fashion ready by using the new Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh Toothpaste (4oz $3.25; 5.8oz $3.75; 7.6 oz for $4.25), along with Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh Multicare Rinse (473ml for $5.89; 946ml for $7.29) and Crest 3D White Vivid Toothbrush ($4.49), which work together to whiten in just two days*.  That's the best accessory you can add to any ensemble.

*whitens by removing surface stains

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School for Boys in 13 Items

Per popular demand, a 13 piece collection for the underaged XY chromosomes in your household.

Below the shopping list and example ensembles:

A - Urban Pipeline® Striped Henley (Kohls $13), B - Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt (Land's End $29), C - Zoo York Basic Polo (Kohls $17), D - Long Sleeve Bulldog Tee (J.Crew $27),  E - Boys Denim Western Shirt (Old Navy $20), F - Regular Jeans - (Boden $44),  G - Volcom Cord Pant (Amazon $55), H - Green Skinny Jeans (Gap $35), I - Desert Boot (Gap $35), J - Converse® Jack Purcell® Low-Tops In Camo Print (J.Crew $52)K- Nylon Webbing Belt (Land's End $19), L - Down Vest (Land's End $35), M - Herringbone Rucksack (Gap $37)

Nearly 2.5 weeks of unique looks.  

Fashion your own dick or jane for their studies without having to do all the research yourself.  Book a cluster-based virtual shopping session.

Did I mention I'm heading back to school?  You should join me.

Top 5 Reasons to Register for Wardrobe Strategies at MCC taught by yours truly:
  1. Upon completion, you can wage battle against Crocs, UGG Boots, and Bedazzled Denim, or whatever else your fashion aesthetic demands.
  2. TEC 245 counts toward an Image Consulting certificate. Said certificate would look very smart framed in a gilded gold frame in your personal styling office.
  3. A Friday morning dedicated to dressing up makes a lovely elective, perfectly accenting classes like biochemistry.
  4. I will teach you everything I know and a few things I don't. My goal is to glory in your future success.
  5. You'll be prepared to make the world a prettier place
Spread the word to your collegiate fashion smarties. Registration closes, and classes start, Friday, August 23rd.

Wardrobe Strategies, TEC 245
F 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 CR

Syllabus includes:
 body type dressing, color analysis, personal styles identification, closet cleaning, wardrobe maximization, shopping strategies, and much more.

Want More?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School for Girls in 13 Items

The theoretical school bell is chiming and the spice of pencil shavings is in the air.   Before you empty your wallet to fill your juvenile's closet, consider the cluster.  A cluster is a collection of clothing where everything goes with everything else.  A cluster ensures each item gets maximum wear, while it still fits.  And you can trust your buttercup to put their own outfits together, without fear of fashion debacle.  

Below a shopping list and a hypothetical sampling:
A - Cotton Long-Sleeve Wide Stripe Tee (Brooks Brothers $25), B - Sparkling Suspenders Tee (Forever 21 $11), C - Trompe L'oeil Tee (J.Crew $25), D - Big Bloom Appliqué T-Shirt (Boden $28),  E - Scalloped Placket Cardigan Sweater (Land's End $30), F - Café Capri in Apple Bobbing (J.Crew $40),  G - Wash Effect Jeans (Zara $40), H - Tulle Flounce Skirt (Gap $25), I - Cherokee Short Sleeve Ruffle Dress (Target $15), J - Van's Palisades Sneakers (Nordstrom $38), K - Classic Cameron Captoe Ballet Shoes (Land's End $30), L - Mini Boden Tights 2-Pack (Nordstrom $24), M - Herschel Supply Co. 'Parker' Backpack (Nordstrom $58)

> Greater than two weeks of outfits with nary a repeat.  
A feat of mathematical combination.

To create your own clothing cluster,

First, select a color palette

Draw inspiration from a print or a select solids that flock together. Either way, the same principles apply.  Simply select colors with a similar heritage and blend harmoniously (ie jewel tones, pastels, etc).

Second, select your items of clothing.  

You want roughly double the number of tops as bottoms, and each item needs to be worn at least two different ways.  Putting your wardrobe on such a strict diet may tempt you to avoid layers, don't. Layering is the key to flexible fashion.

Third,  when selecting footwear.
Choose shoes with unique purposes: one set of dress, one couplet of sneakers, one pair of boots, etc.  

Fourth, add accessories
Accessories are the grammar in ensembles.  They separate pieces while adding emphasis and meaning to phrases.  While this cluster is bare bones (including only socks and backpack), belts, glasses, and pencil cases among other options could have been included.

Fashion your own dick or jane for their studies without having to do all the research yourself.  Book a cluster-based virtual shopping session.
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Your Crest 3D White Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips ($59.99) makeover can remove stains older than most of your gradeschoolers (up to 10 years).  It uses the highest concentration of Crest’s whitening ingredient available at retail yet is enamel safe, just like what your dentist uses.  An Advanced Seal no-slip technology helps Whitestrips conform to teeth for noticeable whitening results without the mess.  Wear strips while you pack lunches or run carpool for one week to enjoy the full transformation that would cost $500 in professional office treatments.

Want more?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Live the Life of a Catalog: How to Dress Like Anthropologie

As promised below is the decoder ring to the Anthropologie Aesthetic.


In other examples:

Style is signed with Romantic and Bohemian strokes.

Down Country/Rugged.
Provence not Paris.  Efforts should be made to keep the look slightly rugged.  Thick sweaters over gossamer blouses, silk dresses over aged leather boots.  Mix your Yin & Yang or Highs & Lows.

Culture, food, and customs inspire her home and wardrobe.  Liberally mix and match ethnic prints and global materials.

Anthro-ites are well read, well spoken, and curious.   Abandon the path of straight and narrow matching in favor of unexpected color and pattern combinations.  

 Distinction Footwear:
Boots & Blocky Embellished Heels

  Trademark Accessory:
Statement Necklaces & Scarves

  Unmistakeable Styling: 
Mismatched Prints and Patterns

In actual execution:
Anthro-philes demonstrate.
Alex  (pregnancy induced middle figurewarm complexion, bohemian style)
Beth (linear figurecool & delicate complexionromantic style)


Feminine: Floral Prints + Bohemian Hues
(yes 6 months pregnant!!)


Down Country: Equestrian Print + Statement Necklace


Traveled: Exotic Camels + Statement Necklace
Educated: Unexpected print pairing


Accessories: Scarf + Boots

Thanks to Behind the Dressing Room Door for a comprehesive archive of Anthropologie Catalogs dating to the early 2000's.

And now that you know the keys, find the Anthro Look for Less at:

Or assemble an Anthropologie ensemble in Plus Sizes:


Let an Anthropologie expert (7 years of personal shopping) create a distinctive brand identifiable look for you.  A complete Fashion Package: combines a theoretical look book & a practical virtual shopping session

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fitting Room Friday: What Goes With This? Tie Neck Blouse

Farmer Jo queried: 
"I am a middle figure, and nursing (so bigger on top). I have only worn it with skinny jeans, but need to make it work appropriate. Belting doesn't really work with my post partum soft center. I am actually not even sure if it is the right top for me, I just love the print! , I am an elementary teacher if that helps with styling, nothing too tight or short. :)And washable."

Cardigan Empire Answered:
Farmer Jo, the Loosened Shelby Blouse is ideal for a soft delicious center.  And speaking as a fellow lactator with the same blouse in two colors, it's also nursing friendly.  Educating it for work is actually quite elementary.  First add a layer.  A loosely structured cropped pullover will multiply polish without dividing middle squishies. Second, subtract your skinny jeans for skinny chinos or cords.

For further diversity, structure your whole torso with a neat little blazer, keep the look approachable with clean flat fronted bermudas.

If you're feeling fancy, you can introduce this little number to a pencil skirt.  Lower figures and hourglass types may tuck in, but those who want less definition around the waistline may leave the finished hem undone.

Still wondering "What Goes with Your This?", for 25% off. Enter coupon code GOES25


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