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Darling Anonymous Dumpling Photo courtesy of Creatively Chic Photography
My forty days of postpartum are nearly spent, and undertakings supplementary to baby boyfriend and queen cookie are emerging on the lines of my to-do list.
Far from my fancied newborn nuzzling leisure, the last handful of fortnights required survival of an automobile annihilating accident, natural childbirth, nursing, and an RSV induced hospital trip.  Subsequently, I  feel strong and excessively grateful, and in need of, essentially, an unabridged makeover. 
With a new figure to dress, longer tresses to tend to, a new year worth of fashion points to pen, and far less time to squander, I’m initiating the process teeth bared (aka smiling).
Circumstances will never be perfectly peaceful, but perfect moments are available: Levi snoring softly on his favorite milky pillow; Coco’s assistance unloading the laundry basket; getting my favorite new catalog in the post.
I want to have a smile prepared for my joy-ments.  And now that my teeth are no longer attached to a fetus, they are zealous for whitening.  
Following a single session of Crest 3D White Pro Effects Whitestrips, my smile was immediately shinier.  The dark stains rimming my canines were abolished.  It’s a simple commencement, but I feel rejuvenated by this oral indulgence.
More makeovers to come.  Let the joy-over begin.

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