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Back to School for Girls in 15 Items

I believe in early fashion literacy.  And the best way to teach these youngsters to avoid one-to-one outfit parings (ie one shirt shall always be paired with one pair of pants and nothing else) is the liberal application of wardrobe clusters: layering science, signature style compositions, color equations.  Your sweet school will have mastered creative clothing strategy before her sneaker ever steps foot in the classroom.

Below a shopping list and theoretical application:


That’s more than two weeks of outfits, no repeats, with change left over for lunch money and fruity scented erasers.

What’s in your daughter’s back to school cluster?  Tell me in the comments.

Like my outfit?  Direct your digital attention to Shop & Apparel.  You shan’t be disappointed.

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(2013) Back to School for Boys in 15 Items

Back to School for Boys in 15 Items

Offer your gentleman wunderkind a fashion prodigy’s wardrobe via a wardrobe cluster.  15 pieces ready to mix, match and never repeat for the next 12 school days. 

Below the shopping list and example ensembles:

A – Long Sleeve Chambray Top (Carters $13), B – Cherokee Short Sleeve Polo (Target $8), C – Bravado Rock Tees (J.Crew $33), D – French Terry Zip Hoodie (J.Crew $42),  E – Tony Hawk® Striped Henley Tee (Kohls $14), F – High Top Sneakers – (H&M $20),  G – New Balance KE410 Sneakers (J.Crew $50), H – 5 Pocket Corduroy Pants (Land’s End $29)Quicksilver Amphibians Wombat Boys Hybrid Shorts (Tillys $22), J – 1969 Original Fit Jeans (Gap $25)K- Knit V-Neck Sweater (H&M $10), L – Printed Poplin Shirt (Old Navy $15), M – Flex 4D – LHON/Poince ( $20), N – Webbing Belt (Land’s End, $13), O – Herschel Heritage Camo Backpack (Nordstrom $40)

Nearly 2.5 weeks of unique looks.  

Fashion your own dick or jane for their studies without having to do all the research yourself.  Book a cluster-based virtual shopping session.

Did I mention I’m heading back to school?  You should join me.

Top 5 Reasons to Register for Wardrobe Strategies at MCC taught by yours truly:

  1. Upon completion, you can wage battle against Crocs, UGG Boots, and Bedazzled Denim, or whatever else your fashion aesthetic demands.
  2. TEC 245 counts toward an Image Consulting certificate. Said certificate would look very smart framed in a gilded gold frame in your personal styling office.
  3. A Friday morning dedicated to dressing up makes a lovely elective, perfectly accenting classes like biochemistry.
  4. I will teach you everything I know and a few things I don’t. My goal is to glory in your future success.
  5. You’ll be prepared to make the world a prettier place

Spread the word to your collegiate fashion smarties. Registration closes, and classes start, Monday, September 9th.

Wardrobe Strategies, TEC 245
M 7:00 PM – 9:50 PM, 3 CR

Syllabus includes: body type dressing, color analysis, personal styles identification, closet cleaning, wardrobe maximization, shopping strategies, and much more.

And I’m working on an online course for future semesters, so stay tuned!

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